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E-mail Policies

  • We recommend the use of mreply for its auto response features, not for its listserv (mail list) features. Because these listserv features are inherent to mreply, we allow them to operate on our system but we do not provide tech support for them. In no case is a listserv to include more than ten email addresses.

  • If software other than mreply is used to mail to multiple addresses, the limit for any such mailing is ten addresses. If the use of multiple lists causes a excessive load on our SMTP servers, we may require you to discontinue the use of said lists and software. PCPort is developing a mailing list service that will not adversely affect the web server's perfomance. When this system becomes available, PCPort will offer tech support for it. PCPort does not now and will not offer future tech support for other mail list softwares.

  • In no case is any unsolicited mail to be sent to any Internet address through any of our SMTP servers.

  • All email sent through our SMTP services is to contain the true identification information of the sender. The forging of return addresses will not be tolerated.

  • No bulk email sent through a mail service external to our system is to contain an email address, domain name or IP address that is hosted by us. This generally results in complaints being forwarded to our administrative staff and will be cause for account termination or suspension.

  • The promotion or sale of bulk email software or procedures will not be allowed on our servers.

  • The POP3 mailboxes provided on our servers are not meant for the long term storage of your mail. We recommend setting your mail client to delete mail from the server after downloading so that your mailbox does not become too large. Mailboxes over 10 megabytes are subject to compression and/or deletion.

  • Any violation of these policies may result in immediate account termination or suspension without prior notification.